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Very first posting

Since I am (finally) going to leave for Israel in a few days to live and study in Jerusalem for half a year, I decided to create a blog. This is supposed to give me the opportunity to share and exchange photos, experiences and thinkings with friends from Frankonia(my home region in Germany), Berlin and Jerusalem(as soon as I will arrive there).
Due to the fact that my studies and most of my interactions are in English and because everybody understands it, I will write in English. Thanks for your corrections, I promise it will get better during time!

Why did I create this blog? I hope I can achieve to entertain you, to stay in contact with all of you(and of course to stay in your minds ), furthermore I wanna give myself the opportunity to reflect what is happening, so I can gain the maximum from my experiences!
Perhaps I can even encourage someone of you to visit the region...

Of course, most of the blogging will begin in August, when my term at Hebrew University begins! Hope you enjoy reading!

25.7.08 00:41

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